Between the sheets

I can’t fill up the empty spaces inside of you, but I can fill the empty space between the sheets.

I do every time, knowing the second you leave, I’ll be left with tears and a body that just won’t seem to clean.

The love won’t come off, my skin bleeding you through my pores, open wounds I don’t even think I want to close.

I think another, prettier version of me may be filling those spaces just like me, but

I’ve fallen in love with a man who has never understood the meaning of love.That is something I have to take responsibility for.

My love for you may never be returned, but here I am, in between the sheets like you know I’ll always be.

It’s worth it for the love you’re able to give in those moments. Small moments, but I’ll take any love I can get.

Because that’s all I’ve lived for. Love. Even if I’m the only one giving it.


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