Reach for me

He feared the stars, so far away, too far to touch. “Why do you fear them?” she asked

“The stars remind me of everything I cannot achieve, the people I can’t meet. The places I can’t see.

They remind me of you, so bright and unknowable, too far to touch.”

“Why can’t you reach me?”

“How could I? Your heart is a wonder I’ll never get to feel, your body a lost land, and my god, your face, those eyes so bright, the depths of which I could never reach the bottom of…

How could I ever reach you? My hands are dirty from the earth below, from the moment I touched another. Never good enough, I could never find a part of me that could live up to what you are.”

The mirror she looked into showed her exactly what she knew. They both knew. But letting go of the insecurity was the hard part, and neither of them could tell the other that was what kept them apart.


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