Happy endings aren’t for everyone

She was 21 when she learned for the first time that the princess doesn’t always end up with her prince.

When he came into her life, he set her soul on fire. He held the missing part of her she had been searching for all her life. His smile and his touch, even for just a short while, said more than the dozens of people who came and went, his sigh saying more I love you’s than she could have ever dreamed of hearing.

So when he left, she always assumed he would come back. They’d end up together eventually. He was her soulmate. Right?

Then, she came along. His new love was the opposite of her. She was lively and bright, her eyes weren’t deep with darkness and the insecurities she tried to hide. She was exactly what he needed.

His heart found a new home in someone she knew she could never dream of winning against in the fight for his heart. He was completely himself with that girl, seeing sides of him she never knew existed.

So when they fell apart, it came as no surprise. His promises that he would always be there for her, she started to let them go, her knuckles still white from holding on so tight.

She was 22 when she learned that maybe we don’t have just one soulmate. That maybe she had to let go of that part of her that he kept, so he could be happy. Maybe her soul would be cold, but if his could be on fire, she might keep herself warm knowing she didn’t steal him from the girl his soul had always loved.


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