I knew it the moment I looked at you under the dim lights of the theater,

your hand tightly wrapped in mine, loosely holding my own,

I knew it then. I knew it when I rested my head on your shoulder,

it was cold, you know, I knew it when you smiled at me, but I could tell

you weren’t there. I knew it, my love.

I knew our time had to come to an end, I knew it in the way I had

tears threatening to show you my heart all day, threatening to expose

the hurt that I’d been living with for months, my love

you’ve hurt me. I’ve let you hurt me for so, so long, all because of

this damned heart of mine.

Knowing you could be better. Knowing you could be someone who could love me. Could.

But I know I can’t make you

into the man I need you to be.

I knew it because I knew you didn’t. I knew I had to let myself find the one who would

love me for all the love I have to give.


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